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ECO Clave Autoclave System from Taricco Corporation NA-23

May 5, 2022

ECO Clave Autoclave System from Taricco Corporation NA-22

High Performance Energy Efficient Autoclaves by Taricco Corporation. Taricco Corporation Engineers have utilized some of the most advanced technology in mechanical design to bring you the EcoClave autoclave system. This EcoClave autoclave system comes loaded with an onboard part vacuum system with part transducers and pump, the TCS Thermal Control System, and much more. The EcoClave is a high performance energy efficient and environmentally friendly autoclave system. The EcoClave is designed and engineered to meet today’s composites, circuit board, and glass bonding industry performance standards. These environmentally friendly systems do not use hydraulics and only a few moving parts require oils. This proven design ensures a low risk to the environment and years of smooth operations.

Product Number: NA-23

Manufacture: Taricco Corporation – Build in process

Year Built: 2013

Dimensions: 2 ft. Diameter x 4 ft. length

MAWP: 160 psig

MAWT: 400 Fahrenheit

Heat Source: Electric

Vacuum Lines: 2

Thermocouples: 4

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